"Since it's founding in 1988, The Ireland Chamber in the U.S. has proven especially effective, offering a wide range of programs and services that encourage partnership between New Yorkers and the Irish."
- Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor, The City of New York


Secretary of Department of State , Hillary Rodham Clinton

Transforming vital relationships that in turn serve to strengthen our mutual interests and further advance our bilateral relationship with the Republic of Ireland. Our nation is better and stronger for having developed these economic, commercial, financial and educational relationships, and I commend ICCUSA for their critical contribution to this end.

Most Reverend Timothy M. Dolan – Bishop of New York

For nearly a quarter of a century, the Ireland Chamber of Commerce – United States (ICCUSA) has been involved in promoting economic growth through the expansion of mutually beneficial business relationships between the United States and Ireland and has supported a number of non-profits within these nations as well, including those that encourage and develop the promotion of youth leadership.

Mr. Deval L. Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts

Since colonial times, a unique bond between Massachusetts and Ireland has fostered and flourished. Many Irish came to our shores, started a new life and made profound contributions in education, business and public service. The ICCUSA continues to strengthen this bond by promoting business relationships between our countries.

Former Governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty

The Irish have made positive contributions throughout the history of the State of Minnesota. Many Minnesotans have Irish roots and our cities and towns prosper and flourish with Irish businesses. Minnesota is proud of our Irish heritage, and we enjoy hosting an ICCUSA chapter in our state.

Gabriel Bryne 2005 Celtic Ball Honoree

The Ireland Chamber of Commerce is flourishing. It's really important that businesses and financial institutes support organizations that allow art center's to retain our own cultural voice which is vitual in this huge city and global society.

Brian O'Dwyer, Chairman

ICCUSA has deceloped over the last 23 years from very small and humble beginnings and now has chapters across the United States. They are all working actively to promote businesses in their region and throughout the US and Europe. Our strategic relationships with the Chamber of Commerce of Ireland, the US Chamber of Commerce and Alliance for US India Business give us a unique networking ability for over 25,000 members.

Former President of Ireland Mary McAleese

Now as our countries face their own economic challenge, these bonds are more important than ever as we redouble our efforts to rebuild our economies for the benefit of all our citizens. ICCUSA's help, advice, wisdom and support will be an invaluable asset in regenerating our economies and getting our people back to work for which I am most grateful.

Michael Collins, Ambassador, Embassy of Ireland

ICCUSA helps grow those links, at the same time as it looks to the future through its support for emerging leaders.

Mr. Thomas J. Donohue, President and CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce

The ICCUSA has been a powerful advocate for the U.S.-Ireland partnership and continues to foster mutually beneficial opportunities for both countries. I appreciate their work, and I congratulate all of tonight's award recipients for their achievement and contributions.

Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie

The Ireland Chamber of Commerce - United States is a leading business organization supporting financial expansion through business relationships between both countries. ICCUSA supports non-profits in both countries, including efforts to promote youth leadership through it Albert Schweitzer's Leadership for Life program.

Mayor New York City, Michael R. Bloomberg

Even during these challenging times, New York continues to serve as an engine for economic growth worldwide. Thanks to the hard work and vision of organizations like the Ireland Chamber of Commerce, we are creating jobs, spurring private investment, and establishing the conditions for long-term growth across the five boroughs and beyond.

Christine Quinn, Speaker New York City Council and Keynote Speaker of the 2012 ICCUSA St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast

I am incredibly proud of all the good work the Ireland Chamber of Commerce – USA is doing within the global world and especially for the Irish community with New York City.